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Fource  [- Hide]
Reviews  online zine  September 2005 by J-Sin

    Four musicians from Chicago area comprise the force known as The Fource. Their music is alternative rock with nodes of Americana intertwined. The instrumentation is made up of the traditional instruments of guitar, drums, and bass but they also throw in a 12-string guitar, mandolin, keyboards, and harmonica to spice it up. They’re a tight knit group who performs decent alternative rock, though I think they’re more country-flecked tunes are the better ones.

Illinois Entertainer  June 2006 by Terrance Flamm

    THE FOURCE make good use of two-part harmonies and Americana arrangements
On their full-length effort, Hitchhikin’ Thru Life. Bob Kramer’s harmonica augments the homespun ambience, and he’s just as impressive playing guitar and mandolin or backing talented vocalist/guitarist Jerry Catalano. Occasionally, the “life’s a journey” sentiment unintentionally approaches the folk satire of ‘A Mighty Wind’, so it’s good to hear The  Fource having fun with the C&W flavored “Til Something Better Comes Along.”

Live Audio  March 2007 by Andy

    Man, you guys seem to have some heavy influences; I hear Roy Orbison, Dylan, and the Beatles in almost every song. My favorite song is ‘Til Something Better Comes Along’. Keep up the good work, you guys have great harmonies.